visals, ambients & installations
regular events:
~ C.H.A.N.G.E. 			(1st time)
~ ChaosCommunicationCamp 	(3 times)
~ ChaosCommunicationCongress 	(11 times)
~ Fiffkon 			(1st time)
~ Fusion 			(7 times)
~ At.tension 			(2 times)
~ Gartenfest (3 times)
past (regular) events:
~ Gardasession 			(2 times)	 [distincted]
~ Europython 			(1 time)	 [changed]
~ Gulasch Programmier Nacht 	(4 times)	 [changed]
~ Jim Camp 			(1 time)	 [distance]
~ Logan CIJ symposium 		(1 time)	 [distance]
~ ICMP 				(3 times)	 [distance]
~ Garbicz 			(3 times)	 [changed]
if you believe it or not, i hardly take any pictures, of the work i do.
i often think about it, but then forget it or get lost in the moment.
but luckily a lot of other people did and posted them on flickr & other pages.
have fun searching, or just come to one of the listed events, because
words & pictures are way too limited to express what your eyes will expirience.
Lower-middle and working-class people traditionally call their midday meal dinner
and their evening meal (served around 6 pm) tea, whereas the upper social classes
would call the midday meal lunch (or luncheon), and the evening meal (served after
7 pm) dinner or supper (often eaten later in the evening). However, i usually call it
the time i drink tea. In other words, you reached the limit of information of this page.
if you by now don't have my phonenumber, some lines of chat with me or at least seen
some pictures, your propably the wrong (commercial) kind of custumer. sorry, but
please go have a nice cup of tea, perhaps go into yourself a little bit and come back
again when you are a little bit more free. i will be more than happy to have a look
into your project then, if i find it interesting and some time for it. Farewell my friend.

Phantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen, denn Wissen ist begrenzt.
Albert Einstein